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To Discover Your Best Self

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About Transitions Into Hope

Transitions come in many forms throughout our lives, and everyone goes through them differently. They may come in the form of personal loss, life decision changes, new community, new job change and in relationships, for example.

Whether you are going through a transition that has been thrust upon you due to a life situation or loss, or you are making new choices for yourself, we are here to invite you into a process of self care and discovery towards a new well-being. We assume you are already Creative, Resourceful and Whole. Our Coach-approach holds for you a safe, hope-filled, creative space for your journey.

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A Growth Mindset With An Open Heart

Life Transitions Coaching

There are times we know who we are in the present, but we have goals, or we need to move forward, from where we are.

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Grief Coaching

Life happens in ups and downs, and sometimes it occurs in such a way we can’t see forward

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Spiritual Direction

“My role as A Spiritual Director is to be a presence with someone who wants to actively explore and listen to their own questions. “Who is God? What does it mean to ‘Walk in Faith?’”

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Weekend Women’s Retreats

A women’s only getaway for self-care may be an option, whether theme-based or spiritually-based.

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Coaching and Spiritual Care To Discover Your Best Self

Transitions in our lives call us into new growth.

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