Come to the woods, for here is rest”.  -John Muir

For me, this is so true. I sat this morning on the back porch of my friend’s mountain home, and I breathed in the green calm healing experience of the woods. Going camping and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the eastern US brings a serenity of soul that I can find in few other places.

We all need that “place” or those experiences that bring rest to our weary souls. We need to find rest from responsibility, from life stresses, from the conflicts we don’t know how to resolve, so that healing of our energy and our soul may occur. It is a whole person experience when we can find that, which incorporates our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental selves.

When I tell someone I am a “Wellness Coach”, this is what I mean-I enter coaching with each person with a whole person approach. As a Life Coach, when I work with a person going through a relationship transition or grief or a life development change, I see a person, not just a situation. Our life transitions impact our whole being.

When I support and work with a client going through a life transition, I assume the person is already creative, resourceful and whole. Each person is their own best resource for what is best for him- or herself. My role as a Life Transitions Coach would be to hold you accountable for YOUR agenda, and to support you to explore resources and options beyond what you already know, so that you can have your best outcome for your goals, your needs, your desires.

Another part of this exploration may be to help you be fully grounded in your own personal values. Do you know what you most value, what your Core Purpose is? In making new decisions, it is usually helpful to be clear about what is most important to you, and to stay true to your Core Values.

For me, my Core Values include my connection with my spiritual life, and this includes being close to nature, and specifically close to the place where I can take a walk in the forest where I feel close to God. I find healing in these places. Are you connected to your own deep healing and place of wellness? What would you change if you could? Where would you be?

Human beings continually persist in looking ‘out there’ for answers, formulas, and fortunes, only to discover that they had them within themselves all along.” 

—2002, 2021 John Travis, MD, MPH and The Wellness Inventory.


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