Life Transitions Coaching:

There are times we know who we are in the present, but we have goals, or we need to move forward, from where we are. These experiences tell us changes or transitions in our lives need to occur. A life coach can guide you in focusing on the direction and resources you need for you to move through the changes, and the next steps needed to meet your goals or purpose.

This may include a relationship change, a loss of someone you love, a move to a new community, or any other life experience that needs to move forward. A life coach helps you to clarify and to stay accountable to your purpose and your goals.

Grief Coaching:

Life happens in ups and downs, and sometimes it occurs in such a way we can’t see forward. If you are not in need of healing the past, but you can’t see forward, a grief coach can support you through your grief and next steps in a way that honors you, and the persons or situation that you have lost in your life.

Grief can be from the death of someone you love. It can also be a change in jobs, a home, relationships, and any other situation where you have gone through loss and may feel a void in your life. A grief coach can support you as you focus on the loss in a way that is right for you, what you need, and to guide you through your needed process and next steps.

Spiritual Direction:

A Spiritual Director, or Companion, is not one to tell another person what their Spiritual journey “needs” to be, or looks like. Each person is in that journey themselves with their God, their Creator.

My role as A Spiritual Director, is to be a presence with someone who wants to actively explore and listen to their own questions. “Who is God?” “What does it mean to follow Jesus?” “How am I connected with the Universe around me?” “What does it mean to “Walk In Faith”?” These are the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of questions that may come up. We are Seekers looking for deeper meaning, and a knowing of ourselves in relationship with God, our Creator. Active Inner Listening and Active Outer Living are opportunities to grow and explore.

Weekend Women’s Retreats:

There are two ways Women’s Weekend Retreats may occur:

1. Organized by Transitions Into Hope: There will be times I will create a women’s retreat that any woman may participate in as an individual. They may be theme-based, centered around some aspect of Self Care and Well-being, or they may be spiritually-based, focusing on scripture or a biblical story. 

2. Organized by a Sponsoring Group: This is a retreat sponsored through a church or community women’s group that seeks to sponsor a weekend retreat, and wishes for a guest speaker on a theme/focus that is appropriate through my professional work as a Health and Wellness Coach and/or a Spiritual Director.

Coaching and Spiritual Care To Discover Your Best Self

Transitions in our lives call us into new growth.

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