When you hear the word “Wellness”, what do you think of? If you send a “Get Well” card to a loved one, how do you understand your focus? Most often, we are focused on physical health and wellbeing.

These past couple of years with the pandemic and isolation, and the disruption to our regular routines, income, social activities, etc., we can easily recognize that well-being is so much more then not being physically ill. It also is connected to our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Though that was defined in 1948 in its Preamble, the concept of “wellness” was not well known back then.

With the influence and research of Halbert L. Dunn, MD, PhD, in his book, High Level Wellness (1961), and John Travis, MD, MPH in his book, “Wellness Workbook” (originally published in 1981), Wellness has become recognized as so much more then the absence of Illness. It is an awareness and an integration of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. It is also something that can be chosen and intentional with the growth of awareness and education.

We all go through hard things in our lives. Some of those experiences come through choices we make, and some of them happen to us, and we have to get through them. Even in the good times, we can go through experiences that push us out of our comfort zones. In the midst of these challenges, what would it be like for you to have a coach that helps you recognize the full resources you already have, the opportunities that are waiting for your attention, the paths that you haven’t thought about, yet. Sometimes it is important to let go of what we think we know in order to find out what awaits us in the possibilities.

I recognize going into unknown territory can be intimidating and scary, but it can be exciting, too, especially if we have the support to encourage us through the experience. I have gone through the unknown many times, and it hasn’t gotten much easier to face, but it has gotten easier to take that leap of faith forward. I have not only survived it, but have grown, and often find that I am stronger and more capable then I thought I was.

What does “Wellness” look like for you now? Do you feel you have a fully integrated life of wellness today? What would enhance your wellbeing? As a Health and Wellness Coach, I love watching others reach their goals, a healthier lifestyle and a better sense of wellbeing. Whether you choose a wise friend, an accountability partner, a spiritual guide or a life coach, I invite you into this question: What would help YOU feel more full, more whole, have a complete sense of wellness?


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